Course Maintenance Schedule

It’s that time of the year to aerate.


Wednesday, June 20th -  the front 9 will be closed and golfers are welcome to play the back 9 twice.  Note, back nine greens have not been aerated.

Thursday, June 21st -  the back 9 will be closed and golfers are welcome to play the front nine twice.  Note, the front nine greens were aerated the day before.

Friday, June 22nd -  all 18 are open.




Green Aerification: A necessary evil for golf courses

Core aeration (also known as aerification, aerating or aerifying) is a maintenance practice that promotes healthy turf growth, especially in compacted surfaces such as putting greens. A machine, known as an aerifier, removes 3 to 5 inch long cores of turf and soil. The removal of cores, allow water, air and nutrients from the top dressing to reach the soil roots, thereby enhancing growth. It is the responsibility of the golf course superintendent to maintain a good stand of grass on putting greens. Greens are the bread and butter of a golf course and the reputation of a course and the superintendent who maintains it is often determined by the condition of the greens. When greens are bumpy and sandy you need to make a few adjustments in your short game technique. First, take a more lofted club to hit pitches and chip shots. Second, swing back longer and accelerate through to a higher finish to get the ball up and spinning. The ball will not roll on shaggy greens, so you are better off carrying the ball close to the hole and letting it stop quickly with a minimal amount of roll. Believe it or not, putting is a lot easier on sanded, shaggy greens. Since the greens are slow you can hit putts aggressively, not having to worry that the ball will roll too far past the hole. Make a conscious effort to stroke your putt to the back of cup. Forget about lagging long putts to the holes, you will leave the well short, try to make them. You may have one of your best putting rounds.